Dear Business Owners, We Offer Supplemental Healthcare Protection That Are Innovative For Your Business & Affordable For Employees!

chart Source: Prudential Eight Annual Study of Employee Benefits: Today and Beyond

Well managed business = A great place for great people to do great work.

As a business owner you already noticed that health care costs continue their relentless climb...
Facing so much uncertainty, developing a plan to manage health care costs can be an overwhelming task. As decision-makers seek health care benefits options, voluntary insurance continue to help soften the impact of the inevitable cost-shifting and rising out-of-pocket costs on its valuable workforce.

Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers

We represent top companies in the industry that can offer affordable Voluntary Benefit Solutions for your employees. This is employee-paid coverage that fills the gaps in medical coverage and provides other important financial protection. These programs are unique in that unlike health insurance, that pays doctors and hospitals, these programs pay policyholders directly and tax free, which is for them to spend as they see fit.

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It will add the following values to your organization:

  • These voluntary employee paid supplemental solutions that can be used to enhance your current insurance plans at no additional cost to your company
  • Immediate cost savings to your organization since many of the plans are paid pretax, which reduces your tax base and add to company savings (IRS Code , Section 125)
  • Reduces the employer costs that they incur from non-work related injury
  • Flexible options fit employees' life circumstances and include Critical Care, Accident Protection, Cancer Care and Hospital Coverage
  • ALL plans are easy to understand and designed with consumer feedback to provide coverage customers say they need most
  • It will help to retain good resources and boost morale, which can lead to better productivity
  • We will handle ALL ongoing service and new employee education

Employees will recognize the following benefits:

  • Benefit Amounts (income-tax free) paid in a lump-sum directly to the policy holder that can be used in anyway it's needed (Rent/Mortgage, Car Payment, Groceries and other type of living expenses)
  • Affordable premiums (some weekly premiums costs less then 1 latte per day!)
  • Policies with Leveled Premiums , where no change in coverage nor or cost since inception no matter how many claims were filed
  • "Portability", where policy will stay with policyholder (no change to terms and conditions) if she/he decide to leave current employer or terminated
  • NO required waiting periods/NO deductible
  • Benefits paid regardless of any other insurance
  • Easy like 1-2-3 claim submission with 1 Day Benefit payment option
  • Guaranteed renewable for life (no health questions)
  • Premium waiver up to 2 months, where applicable

We strongly believe that:

The decision is in your hands, but as a business owner YOU have nothing to loose nor invest!

YOU can add value & save money for YOUR business - at No Cost to YOUR business!

Now YOU can offer more to YOUR employees - FREE of charge to YOU!

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